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Ofra Feelin Myself Pallet

Hi My Angels So many of you know my love affair with Ofra cosmetics, I absolutely love their liquid lippies, their formula is probably one of the best formulas on the market.  Now I have been wanting to try the highlighters  for months if not years, however I was stuck between the shades Rodeo Drive and Blissful and these highlighters are quite up there in price so I knew I couldn’t afford both so when this pallet was released as a pre order and I saw that both shades were available, you best believe that I scooped it up as fast as possible....Click the link for more

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Dove Haircare Campaign with Beauty Bulletin

Hi My Angels So about a month back I received a massive package from Dove and Beauty Bulletin, and when I say massive, it was ginormous . I knew it was a big campaign but nothing braced me for the amount of product that I actually received. In total I received about 32 products ranging from shampoos to treatments, which was amazing. I had to pick out the products that most interested me and then the rest, I could pass on to friends or family....

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My Beauty Room Salon Caprice Experience

Hi My Angels
I hope you all have had a fantabulous week. Soo as many of you know that I recently won a free nail treatment through rainbowbloggersza in collaboration with the beauty room. I had won a treatment at the beauty rooms newest salon which is Salon Caprice which is situated in 23 Swapo Road (Broadway), Durban North.
I also happen to have an awesome surprize for my Durban followers in this blog post, if they read right until the end....

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Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation

Hi My Angels I really hope that you all have had a fabulous week and are keeping warm, I know that this weather has been playing us. I am one of those creatures that feel  cold no matter what, it could be in dead of summer and if there is a slight chill in the air, you can bet I am reaching for my jacket. But enough of my ramblings lets see get onto the review...

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Dr Dermal Products

Hi My Angels I hope that you are doing well, I have been away from blogging for far too long now, so its good to be back.  I think it is about time that get back into doing what I love and that is, of course, makeup, skincare and blogging. I also have an incredible offer for you loves soo be sure to read right until the end....