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NYX sweet cheeks blush pallet

Hi My Angels I hope you are having an incredible week, can you believe that January is almost over? I mean this month flew by and I still feel like I haven’t gotten settled in as yet. I feel like I need to be getting into a groove by now but somehow I am failing along some point.  I am just going to put it down to procrastination and call it a day...

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Foundation

Hi My Angels Happy New Year!!! I hope that you all welcomed the year in with a bang. I know that I certainly did.  I decided to skip last weeks post as it was a bit hectic for me but I have to get back into the swing of things at some point right? I am the queen of procrastination so this has been something that I have to admit that I have been putting off. Your girl would rather be watching some weird fantasy series ( my latest obsession has been The Magicians) than typing and editing...

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Highlighter Collection Part 1 (High End)

Hi My Angels So after my last, very depressing blog post, I decided to make this post a little lighter (or very much lighter, lol get it? Its about highlighters…geez I am so dry). Highlight is one of those things that are super personal, you either love a blinding Instagram highlight or you like a subtle glow but either way highlighter is the new version of a girls best friend...

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October Favourites

Hi My Angels   Can you believe its November already? I know I can't but November happens to be my favourite month. Why? Because it is my birthday month. My birthday is today 🙂 and I am most definitely a true Scorpio. We are nice people contrary to belief lol just stay on our good side and you should fine ;).   But anyway the month of October has been a month of testing a lot of new products and surprisingly falling in love with them. So I have a mix of beauty, perfume and food favs for you guys.  

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Colour Correct Skin Seal Pallete

Hi My Angels Hope you have had an amazing week. As an Indian girl I can definitely say that I have my fair share of pigmentation on my face. Everything from dark circles and acne scars and not to mention the darkness around my mouth area. I can definitely say that I struggle trying to conceal it. Concealers work to some extent but colour correcting...