Ofra Feelin Myself Pallet

Hi My Angels

So many of you know my love affair with Ofra cosmetics, I absolutely love their liquid lippies, their formula is probably one of the best formulas on the market.  Now I have been wanting to try the highlighters  for months if not years, however I was stuck between the shades Rodeo Drive and Blissful and these highlighters are quite up there in price so I knew I couldn’t afford both so when this pallet was released as a pre order and I saw that both shades were available, you best believe that I scooped it up as fast as possible.

The pallete was available on pre order and I knew my experience with the Ofra team will be smooth and fuss free so I initially DM’ed them to tell them I was interested, they explained the entire process to me in detail and once I confirmed they sent me an email with a pre order invoice as well as they explained that I needed to pay upfront for my order. They even included my Ofra discount code on my invoice which I thought was really sweet of them to remember (Like I always say, its the small things that keeps  me going back). After my proof of payment was sent, the team kept me updated either via email or dm and I received my order around one month later.

DSC_0166 (1)

When I finally received this palleted, I was super excited and could not wait to swatch and play. My initial impression was that the highlighters were super smooth and buttery and like nothing I have felt before. They felt like a cream although they were a powder highlight. In  this pallet there are 3 shades in total which are Rodeo Drive, Blissful and a new shade called pillowtalk. Rodeo Drive is a beautiful champagne gold highlight with a neutral undertone that goes well on every skin tone. Blissful is a rose gold highlight with a silver/cool undertone that does work well on most skin tones and pillowtalk is a shell pink icy highlight with a silver/cool undertone, this is more for fairer skin tones. The size of each pan is 4g and they are the mini sizes as well as the pallet comes with a tiny mirror which makes it perfect for travel.

DSC_0168 (1)

So having tried and tested these highlighters, I have to say that they are beautiful. They are super pigmented and metallic. These are super intense and definitely not for the natural girls. My favourite shade has to be Rodeo Drive which is a shade I can rock no matter what look I have on. What I also love about this palette is that the pans are refillable so you can replace shades that are used up. This pallet retails for R550 and with my discount code I paid R385. This pallet was really an amazing find as I love the fact that when I travel I have the option of 3 highlight shades. The refill 4g pans retail for R250 however with my 30% off code you lovelies will only pay R175.



This was a limited edition pallet but I am sure that Ofra will do something like this in the future again, given the success of this pallet. But if you are keen to try their products, you will not be disappointed, you can purchase from their website which is http://ofracosmeticssouthafrica.com/ and also don’t forget to use my discount code for some savings.

So until the next one my loves

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