Dove Haircare Campaign with Beauty Bulletin

Hi My Angels

So about a month back I received a massive package from Dove and Beauty Bulletin, and when I say massive, it was ginormous Surprised smile . I knew it was a big campaign but nothing braced me for the amount of product that I actually received. In total I received about 32 products ranging from shampoos to treatments, which was amazing. I had to pick out the products that most interested me and then the rest, I could pass on to friends or family.

Pure Care Dry oil Shampoo

DSC_0186 (1)

So I had a choice between the oxygen moisture range or the dry oil range and decided on the pure care dry oil range.  The shampoo itself was different in the sense that its a clear liquid and literally looks like oil, but it foams up and does clean the hair quite well. The shampoo worked incredibly well on my hair, it left my hair feeling nourished and hydrated.  It also smells amazing. I also noticed that it did not strip my colour or change my colour in anyway but rather left my feeling soft and smooth. Something I thought I would mention is that I do suffer with a very dry sculp and thus dandruff is a problem so I would sometimes use my dandruff shampoos in conjunction with this shampoo.

Price: Shampoo 250ml – R79.99

Available : Dischem, Clicks and Pick n Pay

Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner

DSC_0187 (1)

Now I have to admit that I hardly used the conditioner as I was more interested in testing the treatments as I was most curious about those. However I did use it a few times, the Nourishing oil care conditioner has many oils that is infused into the product. This product is said to focus on long term care for your hair and focuses on damaged, frizzed as well as fine and dry hair. What I enjoyed is that it is also for colour treated hair. This conditioner smells incredible and almost sent me back to my childhood as it smells like a vanilla milkshake. This is a good conditioner in my opinion it leaves the hair feeling really silky and smooth and gave my hair a really shiny and healthy look.

Price: Conditioner 200ml – R49.99

Available : Clicks, Dis-chem, Pick and Pay, Spar and Checkers stores

Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask

DSC_0188 (1)

I did try this treatment a few times and was quite impressed with the results at first, not only did it smell incredible but it worked really well however I wasn’t as impressed as I was with the Nourishing oil care treatment mask. I felt that although this treatment worked well initially, after a few uses it started to dry my hair out the more I used it which I found strange but when I use it one in a while, it worked amazingly so I think for my hair using this once in a while is best.

Price: R105.99 (200ml)

Available: Clicks, Dis-chem, Pick and Pay, Spar and Checkers stores

Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask

DSC_0190 (1)

Now this has got to be my absolute favourite product from all the products that I received. This treatment has got to be the best thing that has ever happened to my hair. When I initially used this product, I dried my hair like I normally would and straight away noticed that the frizz and bushiness that normally is there was drastically reduced. I then proceeded to straighten my hair and noticed that my hair straightened and set like a dream. My mum even asked whether I went to a salon (even though she was with me the entire morning) , so that in itself was amazing. My hair loves this treatment and it leaves my hair feeling incredibly smooth, silky and healthy. I also noticed that my hair styles very well whenever I use this treatment and it is also safe on colour treated hair. I will definitely continue to use and repurchase this product.

In fact this product happened to rescue my hair, last week I happened to have an appointment at my hair salon. I was getting my colour redone and half way through my appointment the lights went off in the salon (hello load shedding), now my colour was done but my treatments were not so my hair was feeling course and smelt really bad. I washed my hair the following day and used this treatment and my hair felt like brand new. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that I had my hair coloured.

Price: R 79 (200ml)

Available: Clicks, Dis-chem, Pick and Pay, Spar and Checkers stores

I also shared my products with family and friends and the reviews were phenomenal, everyone was impressed with the Dove products. They loved how luxurious  the product looked and smelt. They also told me that their hair felt super soft and smooth and were really impressed by the range as most of them had never tried it before. Many mentioned that they would definitely repurchase the products after they have finished theirs.

I would like to give a huge thank you to both Dove and Beauty Bulletin for allowing me to be apart of this campaign, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So until my next one loves

Stay Glam JPG 02

*Although the products mentioned were received as apart of a campaign, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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