My Beauty Room Salon Caprice Experience

Hi My Angels

I hope you all have had a fantabulous week. Soo as many of you know that I recently won a free nail treatment through rainbowbloggersza in collaboration with the beauty room. I had won a treatment at the beauty rooms newest salon which is Salon Caprice which is situated in 23 Swapo Road (Broadway), Durban North.

I also happen to have an awesome surprize for my Durban followers in this blog post, if they read right until the end.Winking smile

So after I had won I was contacted via email by the owner Candice, who was very sweet and accommodating in setting up an appointment for me. On the day of my appointment, I arrived at the salon and was greeted by the staff at the front of house, they directed me to the nail tech on duty which was the lovely Marbeer (I really hope that I am spelling her name right). She was really sweet and very professional. Marbeer, then proceeded to ask me what colours I like and what I am thinking about doing to my nails. I had booked for gel on my natural nails, so I initially wanted a pink shade with some sort of a glitter accent nail, however there was only one pink that was too sheer for me so I settled on the shades coral, which is as the name states, and crystal, which is a champagne glitter.

Other than the shades, I wasn’t specific as to which designs and colour placements as I was completely open to doing anything to my nails, I like to allow nail technicians to do their own thing as I am not generally fussy about the design on my nails. I prefer to choose my own colours and focus on things like the nail prep, the application and the overall appearance of the nails. I am no nail expert but I have had my nails done a lot and know what looks good and what I like.

Marbeer, started on the nail prep and chose square shaped nails, she was very gentle on my nails which I loved as I cannot handle the feeling and noise of filing (it sounds like nails on chalk board to me and gives me that weird feeling in my teeth, am I weird?), while the nail prep commenced, I was offered something to drink. I decided on some coffee since it was a long day and I needed a pick me up. My coffee was brought to me in a beautiful mug and saucer, now many of you at this point are probably wondering why I am mentioning this, the reason being is that whenever I go to salons they usually bring my coffee in a small cup, which I am grateful for, don’t get me wrong however it always leaves me feeling a little lack lustre and wanting more. So when I received this mug, you best believe that I was doing an internal happy dance. It just goes to show that sometimes its the smallest attention to detail that truly makes a difference in a customers overall experienceRed heart

After the nail prep, the usual base gel coat was applied, three coats of colour and the designs were done and eventually the top coat was applied. I really liked the design work as well as the nail stamps that were done to accent my nails and Marbeer always ensured that I am happy at each stage of the process, which I appreciated. Overall my nails look stunning and I am thoroughly impressed by the way they came out. I would have however liked the salon to have a bit more of a selection of colours and glitters but I can overlook it seeing as though they are new store and building up their inventory.

I would give my overall experience a 4 out of 5, this includes all factors that I have mentioned above. I would definitely be back at the salon to get my nails done. Now the part that most of you came here for… I have an amazing 20% discount code for all my ladies that live in Durban. If you wish to visit Salon Caprice you can use my discount code alreadyglamedup20.

Their prices are listed below:

Gel overlay R240.00

Acrylic overlay R300.00

Acrylic overlay with Gel R380.00

Spa manicure with nail paint R210.00 (60 minutes)

Spa pedicure with nail paint R250.00 (90 minutes)

Cut, file and buff R120.00 (45 minutes)

Tips R10.00 (per nail = 100.00)

Nail art R5.00 per nail

Soak off R90.00

So until the next one my loves…

Stay Glam JPG 02

*This competition was apart of a blogger trade exchange however the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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