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I seem to starting my blog posts off the same way, which is apologising for missing a post. I am so bad at time management, I always have been. Its not that I don’t love blogging.  Its just that I need to be inspired to write. For some people they can plan a time and just begin but for me, I need to have a clear and calm head space before I start and also be inspired by a product.

Whatever I feature on  the blog, whether good or bad, needs to be a product that I am inspired to post about and if there isn’t one then there isn’t something to write about. That being said, in order not to miss a post I have considered doing rant posts on makeup or things happening in the beauty industry if you would be interested in that then comment below. But onto the review that you came here for in the first place.

I first heard about these eyeliners on snap chat. I was watching Tamanna Roshan (Dressyourface) opening a series of press drops that she received and these were apart of them. I watched her swatch them and list her favourites and knew that if she is recommending these then they must be worth the try. So I waited rather impatiently before I finally spotted them on the shelves at Dischem a few months ago. When I saw them my heart did a little leap of excitement and then slumped into the pit of despair as I realised that my budget wont allow for it that month. But I waited and at first chance I got, I went back and grabbed two colours.

Now about the product, it is said to be a gel formula that is budge and smudge proof. There are 8 shades in total, all of which are available in South Africa. The eyeliner itself is one of those retractable eyeliners that doesn’t need sharpening and also has a very precise tip which makes it easy to line the water line and lash line. The price is a little on the steep side and retails for R129.90.

I picked up the black and brown shades. Now I think everyone knows the love affair with an Indian girl and her black eyeliner. We love a good intense black liner that makes our brown eyes pop. I personally also want an eyeliner that doesn’t fade, smudge or run by the end of the day. This eyeliner does everything I need an eyeliner to do and is beautifully smooth when applied. It is also super rich in pigment. The brown eyeliner is the first chocolate brown eyeliner that I have come across and works just as incredible as the black. Most brown liners are way too dark and show up almost black which I don’t like but this is a rich chocolate brown that is absolutely perfect. I love wearing the brown smudged in my waterline with a brown eyeshadow, it adds such an amazing smokey feel to any eyeshadow look.

If you are willing to spend a little more money for incredible quality then I highly suggest that you  pick these eyeliners up. I am eager to pick up a few of the colourful shades in the future to see how they fair.

So until the next one my loves

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