Sorbet Makeup Launch

Hi My Angels

So those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook know that on the 2 March I was invited to the Sorbet makeup Launch at Sorbet La Lucia. It was  a fabulous morning with drinks and a mini breakfast which I thoroughly enjoyed. On arrival we were each given a card with a number on it where we had to fill in our details. In the store there was the Sorbet makeup stand with all the testers on it as well as stations where girls where applying foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and highlighter. After this we had a skincare demo by Dermalogica  and makeup demo using all the Sorbet products by the lovely Jacky Jet  and Makeup by Prelisha.

After we got to try all the products out by each station and get our shade matched. I happened to be the shade noisette in the bare faced foundation however it wasn’t the foundation I picked because the consistency felt heavy and thick on my skin although it was said to be a more natural medium finish. The entire sorbet range is amazing boasting almost 90 different products and over 20 shades in foundations. At the end of the event we all got an amazing goodie bag and I even walked away as the lucky draw winner.

Face First Foundation

I was most curious about this foundation and decided to pick it up. It is said to be a serum foundation which has anti aging properties so its skincare and makeup in one product which is amazing. This is also one of their silver star products which is sorbets top products. Now this foundation is a really great foundation and surprised me by being a lot more full coverage than expected. You only need 3-4 drops for a medium to full coverage makeup look which is amazing and is also a lot thicker in consistency than I expected it to be. I do like this foundation however I noticed that it does oxidise on my skin not by a lot but it does look slightly darker after application. I also noticed that this foundation feels like I have product on my skin and sort of sits on top my skin instead of becoming one with my skin which I personally prefer but if that is not a problem for you then you should like this foundation.

Price R289,95

Eye to Eye Eyeshadow quad

I got this eyeshadow quad in the goody bag that I received after the event. It is the in pink tones called showgirl. There are 4 different quads in total. This is a good pallet that is really travel friendly.  The eyeshadows look like they are baked.  They don’t swatch that great but they do look good on the eyes. These shadows are quite mediocre and the price is kind of steep for a quad so I think I will be saving my money on this one.

Price: R215

Loud Lashes Waterproof Mascara

I purchased this on the day as I was looking for a good waterproof mascara and figured that I might as well give it a shot. Well.. how do I put this nicely…I really regret that decision.  This mascara formulation is very wet and doesn’t do anything to my lashes also the wand is way to big and thick for my lashes. Also the mascara smells like paint which I don’t feel is exactly safe to be putting near my eyeballs so all that being said this is the only mascara that I have tried from the Sorbet range and I think that I need to give the others a chance before ruling out all the mascaras but as for this specific one its a hard pass.

Price: R149.95

Shimmer and Glow shimmer bronzer

These remind me of the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and I would say it is a really good dupe. This is a very versatile product as you can used each shade individually as eyeshadow or blend them together as a highlight shade. You can even use either the lighter side or the darker side for a custom colour.  I wouldn’t really call it a bronzer as it is very shimmery and can rather be used as a blush on lighter skin tones but on darker skin tones it is definitely a highlight. My favourite is using this as a subtle highlight shade on my bare skin.

Price R199.95

Overall I love the concept of the Sorbet makeup, they have done a good job with the shade range and the products that they have brought out however I do feel like the prices are slightly higher than drugstore pricing but I guess with it being an exclusive range it does warrant the price. I think that I need to try more products but from what I have tried I am impressed.

As for the Sorbet La Lucia Makeup Launch I think that Neerita and Taynita really out did themselves. The launch event was incredible and I really enjoyed every second of it.

So until the next one my loves


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