Maybelline Super Skin 24 hour foundation

Hi My Angels

Hope that you had a fabulous week. Yet again we have another foundation review, clearly I have a problem when it comes to foundation. I absolutely love the stuff even if I hardly use it.  I can’t describe the feeling I get when I test a new foundation. Its a rush for me, everything from the purchase to the smell of the product to the initial application is exciting for me (is this what addiction feels like?).

I watched quite a few YouTube videos reviewing this foundation a little over a month ago. I thought it was a fairly new product until I saw it on our shelves here in South Africa. Now some background on the product is that South Africa  already had a variant of the super skin foundations but it catered towards different  skin types. I have not tried the older version of this foundation but this newer formulation claims to be different  than the last ones. I also noticed that our shade range doesn’t match the shade range that’s available overseas. However that being said the packaging has changed from the older formulation which I love. This new packaging makes the product look so high end as it has a glass bottle and it has a pump which is amazing.


Now the foundation itself is very full coverage and is beautiful on the skin. I have worn this foundation both day and night and it wears beautifully at both times. I am in the shade 60 caramel but I find it a smidge dark for me but when I highlight my face with a lighter concealer it evens out the colour. I prefer to use this foundation with a sponge as it gives a more natural finish.  Also what I like about this foundation is that it has no flash back. I also love the fact that every product that I put on this foundation blends like a dream. I would actually compare this foundation to the Estee Lauder Double Wear but just not as humidity proof but it is similar in formulation and coverage and also not to mention it is a fraction of the cost which is an added bonus.

Now it was by some miracle that I managed to find my shade in the new formulation and packaging because my shade isn’t the easiest to come by, but I did find it so when I enquired about the other shades the consultant told me that they will be bringing in more shades and the shade range should be similar to that of the older formulation so now its just a waiting game for everyone.

The cost of this foundation is R215. I think that this is a reasonable price for the quality of this foundation.  My honest opinion is that if you can find your shade in this foundation then snatch it up. It is a beautiful foundation to wear for special occasions if full coverage isn’t your everyday thing but if it is then definitely worth a try.

So until the next one my loves

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