Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Hi My Angels

Hope that you are doing amazing, you must be wondering why I never post last week… well its because I have just been a little out of it recently, with Instagram’s new algorithm nonsense it has definitely been a damper on my creativity. Also a few other factors that I have been dealing with.

Anyway on to my review, now this mascara was released on 2 February so I have given this a fair amount of time to try out. Now I have, what I call, non-existent lashes. My lashes are tiny and are pin straight and don’t hold a curl at all. So what I look for in a mascara might not be what everyone looks for. I need basically some sort of miracle mascara, it needs to add volume, length and to curl them.


My first opinion was of the Benefit Bad girl bang mascara was  that it was a good mascara, it separated my lashes and added volume but wasn’t very lengthening and doesn’t really hold the curl well either. The formulation is a little on the wet side but this is typical of newer mascaras and they do dry down a little after some time which makes it easier to work with. The wand is a tubed plastic wand with short spikes that coat each lash beautifully.

This mascara claims to be waterproof and also does not smudge or crumble I have to agree with the not smudging or crumbling claim however the waterproof claim, I have to say I don’t agree with that because I straight up ugly cried with this mascara on and it was horrible, I had mascara streaks down my face so yeah it was a hard pass (oh and if you wondering it was thanks to period hormones and a random series)

I did pick up the mini just to try out which retails at R175 and the normal size retails at R355, which is normal price for Benefit mascaras.

So the million dollar question is will I be repurchasing the full size mascara? The answer is no, although it is a great mascara, it doesn’t meet the requirements that I want and need for my mascara to look amazing. So I think I will be sticking to my R55 Essence lash princess.

So until the next one my loves

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