NYX sweet cheeks blush pallet

Hi My Angels

I hope you are having an incredible week, can you believe that January is almost over? I mean this month flew by and I still feel like I haven’t gotten settled in as yet. I feel like I need to be getting into a groove by now but somehow I am failing along some point.  I am just going to put it down to procrastination and call it a day.

However I did manage to stumble across the NYX sweet cheeks blush pallet a few months back and I decided to try it out since I saw so many amazing reviews about this pallet. I have used NYX blushes in the past so I knew that I was going to get exceptional quality.


This has become my go to blush pallet now, it has such a variety of shades that can used on their own or mixed together to make a custom colour. I have to admit that I thought that not all of the shades would be suitable for my skin tone but I was rather surprised when I used them.  Every single shade works for me either on their own or mixed with another shade. The pallet contains 8 shades in total, 5 matte and 3 shimmer. The shimmer blushes are not overly glittery and just add a beautiful subtle glow to the skin and the mattes add the most beautiful burst of colour to the skin.

The colours range from pinks, mauvy tones and oranges so there is a shade for every skin tone. The gold shade makes the most beautiful blush topper and looks like a almost rose gold colour on my skin, it can be used alone as a highlighter as well.

These blushes, like most NYX blushes, blend beautifully into the skin and aren’t streaky or patchy. I usually like to use a fluffy brush like the real techniques blush brush since this product is very pigmented, a big fluffy brush disperses the product evenly and also doesn’t pick up a lot of pigment. This ensures a well blended flush of colour to the skin, nobody wants clown cheeks.

I really enjoy how compact this pallet is which makes it perfect for travelling which I will be doing in March, I’m going to be doing my cousins bridal shower makeup so you best bet this pallet is coming along with me. The price point on this product is not too bad either. I purchased this in Clicks at R395 which is not bad for the quality and amount of product that you get. Each pan of blush works out roughly to R50 which I think is fantastic.

Overall this is a great product, a beginners dream pallet and a pros must have. If you want to invest in blush then this is the pallet to go for. I can assure you that you will not touch another blush after this pallet as it has every colour you can possibly need.

So until the next one my loves

Stay Glam XOXO

*pictures taken off the internet

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