Highlighter Collection Part 2 (Drugstore)

Hi My Angels

Welcome to part 2 of the highlighter collection and the best part is that it is all drugstore! So that means that these are all super affordable and budget friendly. Like I said I don’t judge my highlighters by price but rather by colour and intensity and the few highlighters that I have are incredible and can put some of my high end highlighters to shame. Also I have thrown a few highlighters in mix that will definitely surprize you.

LA Girl Strobe light powders- 50 Watt and 80 Watt


These are very blinding highlighters and are not for my subtle lovers. 50 Watt is a more neutral, champagne colour and 80 Watt is a more golden peach colour. If I had to choose one I would pick 50 Watt I think this colour suits my skin better and also goes with most makeup looks that I do. These highlighters are very comparable to my high end highlighters and not to mention the shade range that they have is incredible.

Price: R150

NYX Liquid illuminator in Gleam


This is a liquid illuminator that can be used in multiple ways. This is a rose gold liquid highlight. I love the versatility of this product, I love that I can mix this highlight into my foundation or primers for a beautiful luminous glow to the skin. I also like using this on bare skin for a no makeup- makeup look.  This highlight also makes a beautiful highlight on its own over makeup and can be used subtly but also can be built up to be super blinding. Even using this liquid highlight under a powder highlight makes it pop even more.  A really good product for a girl on a budget also if liquid highlighters are your thing.

Price: R149,95

Wet n wild megaglo highlight in precious petals


This has to be my absolute favourite highlight ever. I would even choose this highlight over my high end ones. I don’t even know how to describe this colour it is a mix of champagne with a hint of pink or rose gold tones to it.  But believe me its soo beautiful and I think that this colour would look incredible on every single skin tone. It can be used both subtly or blinged out and blinding. Hands down its the best highlighter that I have used, super creamy and pigmented.

Price: R129 (I could be mistaken)

Now the above are actual highlighters and are labelled as such but did you know that you can use eyeshadows as highlighters as well. Now when you are choosing the eyeshadows that you want to use as highlighters there are a few things to bare in mind.

You need to look for a shadow that doesn’t have a lot of glitter or chunky bits to it. The pigmentation needs to be even,  creamy and of course really shiny and highlighty (if that is even a word). Also if possible try to avoid pallets and rather go for single shadows because putting a huge highlighter brush into a pallet will definitely mess it up whereas a single it won’t be as bad.

So  that is exactly what I have done  so the below :

Loreal single shadow in Gold mania

This is a beautiful eyeshadow and highlighter it is a perfect golden shade that is smooth, creamy and buttery. I think that this eyeshadow is a good dupe for the Mac oh darling, they have the same tone to them but not the same intensity but it can be built up to match the intensity.

Price: R80

Catrice Lumier eyeshadow in Pret n lumier


This is the perfect champagne highlight for my skin tone and an even more beautiful eyeshadow . It is so flattering and beautiful but unfortunately this was a limited edition shadow so its not available anymore but it is hands down one of my favourites. What I love about these eyeshadows is that they are so small and versatile so not only can they be used in multiple ways but they are so travel friendly so that is something to consider.

So that brings me to the end of my drugstore highlighter collection, I hope that I gave you some amazing drugstore options to consider that will definitely save you a lot. I can say that I have no preference between drugstore or high end. It depends on my mood and the look that I am going for that determines my choice for the day.

Price: R75

I hope that you enjoyed this, until my next one

Stay Glam XOXO

Beauty/ Makeup Blogger

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