October Favourites

Hi My Angels

Can you believe its November already? I know I can’t but November happens to be my favourite month. Why? Coz it is my birthday month. My birthday is today 🙂 and I am most definitely a true Scorpio. We are nice people contrary to belief lol just stay on our good side and you should fine ;).

But anyway the month of October has been a month of testing a lot of new products and surprisingly falling in love with them. So I have a mix of beauty,perfume and food favs for you guys.


Kiki Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer

DSC_0238 (1)

So I hopped a little late on the band wagon with KiKi beauty but I mean better late than never right? I received a few samples of theirs in the August Pretty little things subscription box but never tried them until October and let me tell you, I fell in love instantly which was weird for me since I am so picky about my skincare. This moisturizer when I first tried it reminded me so much of the Estee Lauder DayWear Matte which I also got a sample of and loved it but didn’t purchase because of the hefty price tag. This is an amazing gel consistency moisturizer that is super hydrating and just forms the perfect base to put makeup on. I also noticed that even when I use this moisturizer alone with no makeup, I have a really good skin day. My skin looks radiant and luminous and so healthy, I actually prefer to use it over my Eucerin day cream because I feel like the Eucerin is too heavy on my skin. I mean I have to love this because I bought a backup of it before I was even half way through the first tube. So that says a lot.

KiKi Beauty Rose Dew Setting spray

DSC_0241 (1)

This I got free with the moisturizer on one of KiKi beauty’s amazing promotions. I really like this setting spray I wouldn’t say that it sets my makeup to make it last longer but I can definitely say that it helps reduce the cakiness and hydrates my skin. The mist on this spray is by far the finest mist that I have ever come across and literally feels like ocean mist on a clear day (I think this sounds like idea for their next setting spray). It even beats my Mac Fix plus spray in terms of mist. The smell is exactly like my Vitamin E spray from The Body Shop which also contains rose water. I love this for refreshing my makeup during the day and can guarantee that this will become my bff in the upcoming summer months.

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF50

DSC_0239 (1)

I decided to pick this up when I bought my KiKi beauty natural radiance because it has no SPF in it and your gal needs SPF in her life (it has nothing to do with skin colour as many would assume but rather because SPF should be a part of your routine regardless but also because of my ultra-sensitive skin). I wanted to try this out for while actually but didn’t get the chance since the Eurcerin Even brighter day cream already had SPF 30 in it. This is honestly one of the best SPFs I have ever tried and paired with the Kiki natural radiance moisturizer, they are honestly a match made in heaven. My skin looks and feels like velvet when I wear this. It has no white or purple cast to it which is amazing and it’s so lightweight which is not very common in sunscreen.

Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Rose and Smudge lip Liner in Choc Purple

DSC_0243 (1)

This has to be my favourite lip combo for the month, I thought I would have preferred the shade ‘give me mocha’ but ‘Rebel rose’ seems to be the one I reach for the most and paired with the smudge lip liner it’s amazing. It makes my lips look so full and plump. The shade is the perfect pink shade for my skin and suits every outfit and makeup look that I pair it with. I even love wearing this with no makeup. If you want to check out more pictures with swatches, you can read about it in my Wet n wild Collection post here.

iColour Correct Skin seal pallet

DSC_0225 (1)

I raved about this on my last post but had to mention it here since it has become something that I am always reaching for. If you want to read all about it you can find it here.




This was not a recent find in fact I am sort of shocked that I haven’t mentioned this on a previous post. Africaz is a takeway that specializes in flamed grilled chicken so think along the lines of Nandos but better! They are a proudly South African brand and manufacture their sauces and marinades all here in Durban. Their food is absolutely amazing and not to mention great value for money. My absolute favourite thing has to be their burgers, they are bigger than most and also with their buy 1, get 1 free promotion for only 40 bucks how do you go wrong? The service is absolutely amazing, the staff are super friendly and helpful. Honestly I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and supper and have actually done it before so you know that I am not just saying it . Unfortunately there is no full sit down restaurants in Durban but there is apparently something in the works for it. So be sure to check them out.

website: http://www.africaz.co.za

Facebook: http://www.facebook.co.za/africaztrading


DSC_0250 (1)

Alien by Thierry Mugler

This has to be my all-time favourite perfume so much so that I have to say that it has become my signature scent. It has the most sensual smell with notes of jasmine and vanilla. I always get compliments when I wear this fragrance and whether I spray this on my clothes or skin it lasts forever, and when I say forever I mean it, I have worn this on blouses, put it in the wash and when they come out they still have the perfume lingering on it- it’s insane. Everything from the packaging to the scent is beautiful and I love how it looks on my vanity. Another unique quality about this product is that you can refill your perfume bottle instead of purchasing a brand new one, the refills are available at selected Dischem, Red square and Woolworths stores. It is way cheaper to refill the bottle than it is to purchase a new one which is amazing since you are saving a lot of money. I use this almost on a daily basis and refill it every year around my birthday time so it works out amazingly for me. I suggest that you go and give this fragrance a whiff if you are on the hunt for something new to try.

So that is my favourites for October I can’t wait to let you know my favourites for November. If you give any of these a try then let me know in the comments. But as for me, well I have a birthday to enjoy so..

Until my next one loves

Stay Glam XOXO

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