Colour Correct Skin Seal Pallete

Hi My Angels


Hope you have had an amazing week. As an Indian girl I can definitely say that I have my fair share of pigmentation on my face. Everything from dark circles and acne scars and not to mention the darkness around my mouth area. I can definitely say that I struggle trying to conceal it. Concealers work to some extent but colour correcting seems to work well for me but trying to find a corrector that works on my skin without looking ashy is mission impossible.


So about a month ago I was sent the colour correct skin seal pallet and I decided to try it out properly before I actually sat down to give my thoughts and opinions about it. I have to admit I was definitely skeptical about whether this product would suit my skin tone or not.



So before I get into my thoughts about the pallet, I want to talk about the pallet itself. This is a colour correcting pallet that has 3 cream shades in it. There is a peachy brown corrector shade that is used to cancel purple and blue tones. The second shade is a green corrector that cancels out red tones and lastly the third shade is rich chocolate brown shade that can be used to bronze the skin. Now these colours can be mixed together to get your own custom concealer colour or they can be used individually.


The formulation is very creamy and blends into the skin like a dream. I have used this product with a sponge, a brush and also with my fingers and every way it blends amazingly. I would say that the coverage of this product is a very good medium coverage which is great because it means that this product can be used on its own or underneath a foundation.


My thoughts on this product is that I am in love with it and honestly I am not just saying it because this was PR. I would repurchase this until I die because I can’t live without it. This is the most perfect colour corrector for my skin tone. I love using this corrector alone on bare skin to cover my under eye circles because it makes me look alive but yet I don’t have to do a full face of makeup.


Also I really enjoy using this under my foundation because it allows me to highlight my skin with a lighter concealer without any ashiness to my skin. I use the green shade to counter act the redness on my cheeks. Lastly the brown shade makes the most natural bronzer/ contour shade but can also be doubled as a almost blush shade. Just a little on the packaging I really enjoyed how travel friendly and compact this product is, its so practical and is definitely something that I would take with me when traveling.


The price of this product is R320 and can be purchased online at You can also find them on instagram @icolourcorrect.


Until the next one my loves

Stay Glam XOXO

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