Wet n Wild Collection Part 1

Hi My Angels

So a lot of you guys are familiar with the Wet n Wild brand. As far as I remember it’s been in Clicks for almost forever but it wasn’t really one of those brands that I paid attention to. The range of products wasn’t varied at all in South Africa and it wasn’t until Youtube beauty gurus started raving about their products that they decided to up their game here in SA.

That being said their complexion products are still definitely lacking in terms of shade range here in SA whereas in America its vast. So that is something that I say that they need to look into improving here in SA.

Part 1 of this post is focused mostly on the odd bits and bobs that I bought from Wet n Wild everything from eyeshadow primer to eyebrow gel. Part 2 of this post is the good one and is about all the complexion products that I have purchased so stay tuned for that one.

Eyebrow setting gel

DSC_0013 (1)

Firstly I have to admit that my product is not what you will on the shelves, this was a clear brow gel but unfortunately there is so much product in it that it turned colour. I suppose that is one con about the product however I don’t really mind because it is so worth the purchase. This sets my brow hairs in place like super glue and is super affordable.

Price: R42,95

1 Step wonder gel nail polish

This is great nail polish for a girl on a budget, also perfect for a girl that doesn’t have time as it is a one step nail polish with everything from a base coat to top coat included. I find that one coat is enough to coat the nails perfectly but if you want a real manicured look then two coats is perfect. I have the colours stay classy and don’t be jelly. Stay classy is a beautiful mauvy pink and don’t be jelly is a very pale pink. These are classic colours and are perfect for all skin tones. I personally prefer to use this nail polish with a top and base coat as it improves the longevity of the product but it lasts quite long even without it.

Price: R79,95

Photo focus eyeshadow primer

I bought this primer after hearing a lot of youtubers rave about it. I was at a stage where I had almost given up with primers altogether because of my uncontrollably oily eyelids. This was the first primer that lasted on my eyelids without creasing or getting oily. I find that setting this with a loose powder also helps in my case. Its a bit on the pricy side however worth the purchase as you need such a little bit.

Price: R129,95

The Catsuit liquid lipsticks

This is a fairly new product and was definitely all the rave, for the price you get a beautiful, pigmented liquid lipstick that coats the lips perfectly in one swipe. I have the shades give me mocha and rebel rose. Honestly looking at the shades that I had purchased I thought give me mocha would be my favourite however I was pleasantly surprized at Rebel rose it is the perfect light pink for my skin tone but has to be used with a lip liner in order for it to be perfect on my skin (be sure to check out my October Favourites for my fav lip combo).

Price: R99,99

Be sure to stay tuned for part 2 of my Wet n Wild collection.

Until then

Stay Glam XOXO

Beauty/ Makeup Blogger

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    • Defo give it a try it’s worth the price. To be honest there isn’t anything like it in the drugstore the one that I own thats most comparable is Mac so that tells you the quality that you get


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