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Hi My Angels

How has your week been? So todays blog post is going to be a little different than the others, I am going to share a few hacks and makeup tricks that I have found that work for me personally. There are so many hacks out there but these are the ones that I feel are unique because they were found by my own struggles with makeup.

Baking your eyelids

Yes you read right, I have over the years discovered that I have extremely oily eyelids and I mean oily beyond compare, just think along the lines of that weird eye gloss trend, yeah mine is like that naturally. My eyeshadow always fades and creases no matter what, I use a primer as well and set it with powder but still I have a little oil peeking through by the end of the day so I have found that baking my eyelid, after applying primer, and sitting with my eyes closed for 5 mins after has really worked for me. It allows my eyeshadow to glide on seamlessly and lasts for ages, as well as reduces a few of the creases and no oil peaks through. By sitting with my eyes closed this allows the powder to bake on a flat surface so that it doesn’t bake into my creases. I do understand that this is a tedious step to take and I never do it if I am doing everyday makeup but it is definitely worth the effort if you are getting glamed up for an event.

Eyeliner hack

So now because of my oily eyelids again, my eyeliner tends to slip and slide around and by the end of the day I have some major panda eyes at the end of the day. Wearing eyeshadow primer every day is too much effort for me. So I tried multiple eyeliners from drugstore to high end and nothing has ever stayed on, I even tried the eyeshadow hack and that looked horrible. But one day I tried layering formulations so that my intensity of the eyeliner was darker and I found that my eyeliner lasted all day as though I just applied it. So my go to for this look is either a gel based or felt tip liner such as your mac gel liner or a felt tip liner like NYX epic ink liner and layering it with a retractable kohl liner such as the maybelline colossal 12h extreme black kohl liner. So apply your liner as normal with either the gel or felt tip liner and wait for it to dry a little then trace over the liner with the retractable liner and voila you will have bullet proof liner. I have even ugly cried through this liner (my cousins wedding last year) and there was hardly any leaking or budging.

Lipstick mixing

This one is known to most people but I love doing it using my favourite lippies. My hack is a little different because I say that you should try mixing formulations as well as colours. So for example try mixing a liquid lipstick with a regular bullet lipstick, not only will you have your own custom colour but you will have a lipstick that stays the entire day. My current favourite combo is the maybelline liquid laquer in Retro paired with the NYX liquid suede in soft spoken. You get a beautiful mauvy purple tone with a satin finish.

Primer as a makeup corrector

This one I always do when I flop up my winged liner. Wing liner is difficult and at some point we make a huge mess of it and I am usually lazy to walk all the way to the bathroom and get some makeup remover so a quick fix is to use a clear primer such as the smashbox photo finish primer, you just need a little that you apply to the mistake and wipe it away with a tissue, your error will be removed without any fuss and you can correct it and apply a little concealer on the skin around it so that the mistake spot doesn’t look obvious.

I really hope that you enjoyed this short and sweet post but please do let me know in the comments if you have tried these hacks for yourself. Let me know your experiences and whether they worked or not.

Until next week

Stay Glam XOXO

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